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Sound artist Elise ‘t Hart

For Elise ‘t Hart (1991), raised in a family of musicians, the importance and presence of music and sound is self-evident. Both during preliminary training at Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory and at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Utrecht, she developed into a sound artist who combines music, sound and visual art.


h3h biennial Oosterhout from June 3 to July 16, 2023

The third edition of this biennial will take place under the new name h3h biennial from June 3 to July 16, 2023. The title this time is Faith, one of the three Christian virtues featured in this series. Curators Hendrik Driessen and Rebecca Nelemans are once again shaping this art tour. The selection of approximately 25 artists will be announced in the coming months.


The theme of faith

Curators Hendrik Driessen and Rebecca Nelemans give their artistic vision on the theme of Faith. Already during the previous edition of the biennial, they discussed the theme of Faith within the team. They quickly arrived at the original meaning of the term, that of trust and conviction. 


New name and logo

With its long name, the “Biënnale Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek” (or the Biennial for Art in the Heilige Driehoek) has increasingly become shortened to “Oosterhout Biennial”. Still, the cultural heritage of the Holy Triangle plays such a key part in the art route we organise once every two years that we feel compelled to incorporate it in our name and logo.