The history of De Heilige Driehoek goes back as far as prehistoric times. A unique area of agricultural importance in the heart of West-Brabant. The Romans were already active here, and the “slotjes”, country houses of landed gentry or wealthy citizens built since the late 14th century, are among the finest in the country. In the monasteries’ gardens, special trees and plants thrive, providing a haven for animals – including rare ones. It’s a pity, though maybe no wonder, that these exquisite spots were mainly known to connoisseurs.

The 1st Biennial Art in De Heilige Driehoek offered a rewarding possibility to get people acquainted with this 250-acre hidden gem of the region. In 2017, this biennial was a unique event. It connects the spiritual and artistic heritage of De Heilige Driehoek to a rich palette of contemporary art. 27 artists participated in 2017. Amounting to 150 objects, their works were on display in chapels, rooms, corridors and gardens of the three monasteries of De Heilige Driehoek. Contemporary art can encourage people to observe and contemplate monuments and their history in another perspective. The monasteries and their residents, in turn, gave an extra dimension to the works of art. 

The area, religion, spirituality and the general, universal theme of LOVE was a source of inspiration to many participating artists. Most of the works were commissioned by the organisation of the biennial, meaning this was the first time they were shown.



The 1st Biennial ran from 16 September till 22 October 2017. The theme was LOVE. 


Guus van den Hout
(Oosterhout, 1960)


Robin Kolleman

Huub & Adelheid Kortekaas

Ruudt Peters

Elisa Pesapane

Franciscus & Franciscus

Erik Zwaga

Spank Moons

Michael Petry

Bernardien Sternheim

Caspar Berger

Tijmen van Tol

Jago Moons

Heidi Wallheimer

Frans Fransiscus

Krien Clevis

Hansa Versteeg

Sam Drukker

René van Tol

Aziz Bekkaoui

Athar Jaber

Marieke Bolhuis

Carolein Smit

Heidi Wallheimer

Judith Krebbekx

Reinoud van Vught

Dré Didderiëns

Moreno Bondi