De h3h biënnale themed faith takes place from 3 June to 16 July 2023. 

2nd biennial, themed Hope

The 2nd biennial, themed hope, was open to visitors during the summer of 2021. The next exhibition (in 2023) will be themed faith, while for the first biennial in 2017, the theme was love.

The symbol for hope is, of course, an anchor: hope gives us support in times of uncertainty, with the anchor acting as a source of confidence. But there is also a deeper meaning. Hope implies not giving up, not feeling down, but rather taking action to change the situation you’re in, to make possible what is missing. Hope is associated with expectations, dreams and imagination, although sometimes with despair and fear as well.

It has been a challenge to incorporate a theme linked to these associations into an exhibition that would captivate not only in terms of engagement, but that would also be visually compelling and conceptually fascinating.