The organisation consists of enthusiastic and highly motivated people with a passion for their profession and extensive work experience.


The board comprises seven members: 

• Yves de Boer, chairman
• Hans van Brummen, secretary
• Fons van de Wouw, treasurer
• Frank van Damme, board member
• Alma van Esch, board member
• Jan-Hein Sloesen, board member 

Marieke Wiegel, board member

• Hans de Crom, advisor
• Cock Gorisse, advisor


The project team works under the supervision of the director, Monique Verhulst, and operates in close collaboration with the curators and volunteers.


Our foundation is supported by an extensive network, our committee of recommendation. We are proud to receive the support and trust graciously bestowed by our members: 

• Wim van de Donk, Rector Magnificus and chairman of the Executive Board of Tilburg University 

• Mark Buijs, Mayor of Oosterhout 

• Zr. Maria Magdalena van Bussel, Prioress of Sint Catharinadal 

• Zr. Martha Verstraeten, Abbess of Onze Lieve Vrouwe Abdij 

• Zr. Ruth Lagemann, Mother Superior of Sint Paulusabdij 

• Peter Nissen, Professor of Spiritual Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen 

• Helmi Huijbrechts, Former mayor of Oosterhout 

• Joep de Jong, Director of Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong Baarle-Nassau 

• Henri Swagemakers, Private collector of contemporary art 

• René Bastiaanse, Historian, television host, author, former director of Brabant Historical Information Centre and former director Museum Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom 

• Ad ’s-Gravesande, Chairman of PAN Foundation, former documentary maker for VPRO, artistic leader of Holland Festival, intendant of Jheronimus Bosch 500 

• Wouter Prins, Curator – content leader of Museum Krona, Uden 

• Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen, Director of Museum De Pont, Tilburg

• Frans Robbe, Director Robbe Financial Consultants, Oosterhout


The board has adopted the Cultural Governance Code and Fair Practice Code.


The foundation has had the status of “Culturele ANBI” since 2015, meaning it is designated as a “Public Benefit Organisation” by the Dutch government. This also means that donating to our organisation can be fiscally attractive. Conditions have been formulated for tax reduction resulting from charity gifts with regard to income tax and partnership tax. For more information, please visit the ANBI website.

The ANBI number is RSIN 855036382.

Become a sponsor?

The holy triangle (h3h) biennial is made possible by grants from the municipality of Oosterhout, the province of North Brabant and other funds. All support is very valuable to us and more than welcome.

Also contribute to this unique art event?

Financial support for the h3h biennial provides a number of interesting benefits. There are several sponsorship packages. But a tailor-made package is of course also possible. Please contact director Monique Verhulst for more information.

Stichting Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek is registered with the tax authorities as a cultural ANBI. Benefactors of cultural ANBIs have an extra tax advantage because an extra donation deduction applies to them.

The h3h biennial is financially co-sponsored by:


With special thanks to the three monastic communities.