Foundation Art in De Heilige Driehoek

Foundation Art in De Heilige Driehoek was established in 2015 by Foundation De Heilige Driehoek. The latter foundation is committed to preserving the unique character of the area, but also aims to strengthen it to ensure a healthy future. An inspiring platform for contemporary artists and curators from the region, the country and abroad, the Biennial contributes to the reputation and preservation of De Heilige Driehoek. An educational programme introduces pupils and students to art and our cultural heritage in an inspiring way.


De Heilige Driehoek is an area of special interest situated in Oosterhout. It’s one of the cultural and historical highlights in the province of North Brabant and is under national protection as part of a heritage preservation programme. The area owes its name to three vital monasteries which are still in daily use, and are surrounded by large gardens and farmlands. This is where we organise the heilige driehoek (h3h) biennial, a contemporary art manifestation. The h3h biennial is a perfect match for the artistic handicraft of the monasteries, whose traditions it builds on in collaboration with the three monasteries, art academies, schools, and museums. The extraordinary cultural-historical landscape and religious context of the monasteries make the h3h biennial a unique spiritual experience.


Towards the end of last century, pressure increased to build as much as possible in this beautiful spot close to the centre of Oosterhout. In response to this development, Foundation De Heilige Driehoek was founded in 2000. This foundation is dedicated to preserving this area with its special character and to strengthening that character to safeguard its future. The three monastic communities are closely involved in the board of this foundation, and supporting them is a large network of friends. Since 2008, a greenery and maintenance partnership has been realised. Every two years, a biennial of international stature is organised. For the purpose of this biennial for art and contemplation, the Foundation Art in De Heilige Driehoek was founded in 2015.


The Biennial is an inspiring platform for artists and curators from the region, the country, and abroad. To arrange the art programme, two curators are selected for each biennial: a well-established curator and a young, talented curator, as part of an effort to foster new talent.
Likewise, the pool of artists is made up of proven and emerging talent. By organising biennials, we bring together public, art and artists in an inspiring and meditative setting. The biennial ensures the preservation, public familiarity, and innovation of the significant area that is De Heilige Driehoek. 


Each biennial has a carefully chosen theme, with the first three biennials themed after the three most important Christian virtues: faith, hope and love.

ART Education 

We organise special educational projects connected to the h3h biennial, with the specific purpose of fostering familiarity with contemporary art and the cultural history of this area. There are also special activities for students of art academies, music schools and universities from this region and elsewhere in the Netherlands.