Education 2021

The art of the biennial in Oosterhout has a spiritual connotation and profound implications. This is why it not only fits in well with the location and its residents, but it also interacts with it. The younger generation, the public of the future, is actively motivated to take part in the biennial in order to learn about contemporary art, the theme of the exhibition, and about the heritage of De Heilige Driehoek. 


Hope is an expansive concept that encompasses many aspects. It also plays an important role in the lives of children. It often manifests as a feeling of something that isn’t there yet. Something you would like to have, arising from a lack or a longing. Hope can be felt in relation to great, important things, but of course to very small things as well. Art is one of the means to project hope and embody a better outcome for the world around us. 

Primairy & Secondairy education 

In the past, we’ve organised free and appealing programmes for primary and secondary education. These programmes ran prior to and during the Biennial. Pupils were introduced to our heritage, the monasteries and the art works, as well as the artists. The programmes were organised with the pupils’ age and educational level in mind. We worked closely together with our partner, h19, Centre for the arts in Oosterhout. Servaas Roelandse drafted the educational plan for the Hope edition of the Biennial. We worked together to develop the teaching material for primary and secondary schools. The resulting works were on display during the biennial. There were also special guided tours for pupils.

Higher education

As part of an effort to foster upcoming talent, we work with art academies, universities and music schools in Breda and Tilburg to encourage students to become active or passive participants in this project. Students of St. Joost School of Art & Design, specifically the Illustrated & Animated Storytelling department, tackled the theme of Hope in their last semester. One of the assignments was to make a one-minute animated film.