Romee van Oers

Leiderdorp, 1993



Romee van Oers makes paintings with forms that seem to want to move together, attract, or repel. As one plane leans forward, a line recoils. It’s a still image, but it seems to be on the precipice of something. One moves, another responds, the result is a matter of time. It’s this dynamic that Romee explores in the arrangements she makes and studies. Here, as materials overlap, fold and bend, new relations between the emerging shapes are laid bare. These are transferred to canvas in a direct and spontaneous manner, resulting in paintings that are just a bit off-beat, seemingly capturing scenes moments before or after the picture was supposed to have been taken. The paintings come as a surprise to the shapes and viewers alike. 

Romee van Oers lives and works in Tilburg. In 2016, she graduated at AKV St. Joost in Breda. Her graduation work was selected for “Best of Graduates” by Ron Mandos and for “Hollandse Nieuwe” by Galerie Bart. She was also nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize and the Kunst aan de Dijk Prize. In 2020, she won the Hermine van Bers prize for visual art, which involved a museum exhibition at Museum de Lakenhal. She has also exhibited her work at Museum Hilversum and Stedelijk Museum Breda. Her work is part of the collections of DELA, the Ministry of the Interior, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Museum Belvédère and the UMC.