Ghada Amer (Caïro, 1963) is always testing apparent polar opposites like east and west, male and female, artistry and artisanship. While she believes these lie at the root of much of the unhappiness of the world we live in, they are also fleeting.

Clever, playful, a bit cheeky, and often downright funny: Maarten Baas’s work puts smiles on faces. Take the series of clocks he’s built, which you’d swear contain a little man who’s crawled inside to wipe out the hands each minute and draw them back in, shifted a few centimetres – ad infinitum.

portret van man met snor voor blauwe achtergrond

With a direct acknowledgement from the museum world from the mid-nineties, David Bade has combined his autonomous work with a more socially-oriented direction that standardised aspects like participation, inclusion and collaborating on grand installations and environments with people of all walks of life.

een foto van een raam met een vergezicht en een rode opvallende vloer

Faith and connection are key elements in the work of Marwan Bassiouni. This Swiss photographer with an Egyptian and Italian-American background didn’t become a practising Muslim until a later age.

portretfoto in zwart wit van een staande man

Piet den Blanken began his career as a darkroom technician and photographer at a local newspaper in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the 1970s. During this time, he also trained as a photo reporter at the photography school in Apeldoorn.

portret van man met bril vooreen grijze achtergrond

David Claerbout is one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists working in the realm of moving images today, his oeuvre exists at the intersection of photography, video, 3D and new media.

zwart wit portret van een jonge vrouw met donker halflang haar

Anne Geene lives and works in The Hague. She started her photographic studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and graduated at St. Joost Academy in Breda.

portret van vrouw met beeld in zwart en wit

Delphine Courtillot’s artistic approach is based on the notion of establishing a connection with humanity’s distant past.

portret van een blonde vrouw met zwarte kleding

The work of Lisette de Greeuw (1990) is ensconced in and intertwined with language. She uses transformation as a method and translation as a material.

grijze man met zwarte bril voor een raam met water

For his project “Storage for Distorted Matter” (2008 – ongoing), Loek Grootjans is collecting almost anything, bottles with samples of the great masters, his own filth, the ground Vincent van Gogh was born on, 21st-century masterpieces that cannot be made, the water that people washed up in on the Vlieland shore, the light Piet Mondrian first saw when he entered Domburg…